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Leaving for Spain

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The voyage to meet up with Jason in Spain is a bit epic:

Flight to NYC: 5 hours
12 hour layover in NYC <- as I write
Flight to Madrid: 8 hours
Madrid subway: 1 hour
Train to Sarria: 7 hours

I left Mountain View at 10:40pm on Friday, and provided all goes well I will arrive in Sarria, Spain (the small town along the Camino de Santiago where Jas and I plan to meet) at 8:00pm on Sunday. Saturday … disappears somehow … right now I find myself in Manhattan—so much to do, so little time. This place is so huge! The weather is hot and muggy, but the city wears it well. The leafy green trees lounge along the avenues diffusing the light and lending it a more human feel than I have seen before, visiting in the winter when I felt dwarfed and exposed walking on the floor of a huge canyon composed of gigantic buildings. I’ve said before that being here is like grabbing onto an electric wire—but this morning I feel kind of jet-lagged; I”m not feeling the electricity yet—maybe just a bit of static electricity.

But Carpe Diem compels, so I will leave this Kinkos and go to the New York Historial Society. This afternoon I plan to have lunch with some of Dan Simon’s friends.

Trying to seize the jet-lagged day!