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Ahh, the staring at the blank page. Now I will unveil my earnest, geeky self. I leave tomorrow for a 40 day walking holiday on the Camino de Santiago, hence the blog.

If you don’t know what the Camino de Santiago is, educate yourself! The wikipedia article is very informative. Also, this Youtube video has pictures and music to bring out the more romantic side of it.

My first exposure to it was in 2006, when I met my brother in Sarria and walked the last 120 or so kilometers over a two week period, documented earlier in these pages.

This time I am walking the entire trail in Spain, starting in fact, about a week before the border into France, in a small town called Aire-sur-l’Adour. I’m very interested to see how the Camino is in France, and especially to walk over the Pyrenees and into Spain, to see the border. Borders between countries are very interesting things.

Walking on average 25 kilometers per day is supposed to be very manageable, and that will put me into the major towns around the dates I’ve calculated in this handy spreadsheet:

Camino de Santiago Mileage Spreadsheet

I’m subleasing my room in the Mission for six weeks.

Meg is taking care of Gatsby the cat:

Gatsby the wildcat!

My rad friends threw me a going away party! Here is my housemate Laurel doing her Sarah Palin impression:

Governor Fiske

Meg had a real good time at the party!

Meg is a punk!

Ok—time to go. Here you can see me with my pack. There are hostels on the Camino so, in fact it’s possible to travel quite lightly as you only really need clothes.

A journey of a thousand miles ...

And that will suffice for the first post! Muah, muah! I kiss you, San Francisco, Kevin.